Why is Bishop Jakes approving this album? 
Here is the promo for the album: Here are the lyrics to “Too Easy” “Too Easy” (feat. Ludacris)

[Intro] Swag central See what we have here is An open invitation to the first day of the rest of your life.. ‘Rese![Verse 1: Tyrese] Just pulled up to the club in a McLaren, got like “oh” We hopped out and the girls followed us as we escorted to the top flo’ Got bottles in one hand, cash in the other Stacks flying everywhere, need an umbrella My black cards unlimited, keep on spending it, cause I got money to blow[Bridge: Tyrese] After we leave this club, it’s on Yeah you already know Got a lot of fly chicks tryna leave with me So now I’m ready to go I’ve got so many, I need an extra car Don’t worry about drinks, baby, I bought the bar Models everywhere, don’t need an Entourage You know I do it big b-big, I hustle hard[Hook: Tyrese]I swear I make it look too easy Suckas wishing they could be me Naw, haters can’t see me cause I’m too hot for TV If you niggas don’t believe me Put it in your face like 3-D That attitude is so greasy, I make it look too easy[Verse 2: Tyrese]You can’t get what I get unless you got a passport Because my swag is so international From Brazil all the way to Tokyo I bet you haters thought I would never blow Now I’m doing what bosses do Calling out shots from the VIP and all the chicks wanna roll with me Cause they know[Bridge & Hook: Tyrese][Verse 3: Ludacris] I wake up and [?]excellence Good Lawd! This the New Testament There’s one life to live for dead presidents So being Frank don’t insult my intelligence Get it? Meaning money, I’mma get it! You love it don’t ever own it, you rent it, you just a tenant Forget it, I’m in the Guinness like Dennis, I’m just a menace To society, Luda will pop eyes for the spinach Yeah, I’m on that lyrical tip Plus the coupe’s all-white, it’s a miracle whip Then I’m in between the sheets, say I”m flipping the script With two bad foreign woman: dual citizenship ‘Rese![Bridge & Hook: Tyrese]