Graham Lord, Man Misdiagnosed With Stomach Cancer, Sues Health District After
Stomach Removed

Source: HuffingtonPost

After undergoing rounds of chemotherapy and surgery that removed 80 percent of his stomach, Graham Lord
found out he never had stomach cancer.

The 59-year-old is now suing Australia’s Central Coast Local Health District,
after he said a 2010 post-op evaluation shed light on the false diagnosis.

“I was told that the tissue taken from me during
that gastrectomy was examined through the pathology department at Royal North
Shore [Hospital] and the lymph nodes that were taken out showed no evidence of
cancer,” he told the Sunday Telegraph. A second test confirmed the

Lord said he has suffered from anxiety and depression as a result of the
surgery and can no longer eat sitting down.

“He would be seeking an apology from the hospital in
terms of an admission of liability and compensation for his injuries,” Anna
Walsh, Lord’s lawyer, told ABC Sydney.

Walsh told the Sunday Telegraph that a pathologist at
Gosford Hospital, where the initial flub occurred, already apologized to Lord.