By Tetaun Moffett, EX Times

Well I might as well get this one on out the way. It’s official, Master Prophet Bishop Elijah Bernard Jordan is the black Harry Potter. Even 12 day old roadkill on the busiest highway  can see this man is a sorcerer. Jordan embodies new age Mysticism, Hinduism, Gnosticism, Pantheism and every other ‘ism’ to deceive folks and has been doing so for the past 30 years.

Jordan penned a best selling book in 2007 “The Laws of Thinking: 20 Secrets to Using the Divine Power of Your Mind to Manifest Prosperity. In Chapter One “The Law of Becoming” Jordan explains Exodus 3:13-14.. God’s response to Moses, ‘ I am who I am’ by saying the two word ‘I am’ are the totality of true nature and we are to declare the I’ am ourselves..When you declare ‘I am’ you become God. Jordan also states on page 208 that money is equal to God. But then on page 142, he says, “You must close the Bible and be the Truth of God. Only then will God work through you.” This is just awful

but yet he’s on the word network, TBN all your christian networks preaching with Benny (Hindu) and Manusesu, Paula White, etc..

“On page 51 Jordan recognizes the chakras as a part of the “Hindu faith,” and attempts to combine the seven chakras with vain word to associate Hinduism with Christianity:…learn to perceive and control your chakras; they are like seven churches within you, each holding a different aspect of the Mystery of God.

“I go to yoga classes to improve my flexibility and my health. Now, ignorant or fearful people will say that when I go to yoga, I am worshiping the Hindu deities. That’s wrong. That is not discernment. God is in everything in wholeness..Don’t mistake Christianity for God. They are not the same! God is all in all, and yoga is not a rejection of Him,” said Jordan.
The dot posted on Jordan’s forehead called ‘Tilak’ it style various depending upon the type of god the individual worships..