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CONFIRMED: BET Cancels The Mo’Nique Show…*UPDATED*

Word on the curbis that The Mo’Nique Show is on the  chopping block!
BET’s late night talk show, hosted by Monica Imes  AKA Mo’Nique along with her sidekick Rodney Perry, would have started its third  season this fall but rumor has it, the show has been cancelled.

The Academy award winning actress/comedienne, who  was just honored by Big Boi’s Big Kidz Foundation, has been  plagued in recent months with reports of disputes between she and some of her  higher ups at the network.

Besides all the talk show hoopla, Mo’Nique is reportedly scheduled to appear  in a new new movie called “Bumped,” which is currently in pre-production.

Stay tuned…

If BET really does can The Mo’Nique Show,  will you miss it?

*UPDATE 7/27/11 ~ 3:38pm: Rodney Ho ofAJC’s Radio & TV Talk just confirmed  that the show has been cancelled. He received confirmation of the cancellation  from Comedian Rodney Perry via text message.

At about 1:30 p.m., I called Rodney Perry, who was   Mo’Nique’s sidekick on the show. He said he was running into a meeting  and  didn’t answer my question. While I was at lunch over at the mall  court, at 1:40  p.m. EST, he texted me:

“I was told indefinite hiatus.” READ MORE

So now that you know for sure… do you  still feel the same?

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