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Manasseh Jordan 20-year-old eyebrow arched prophet who is the son of Prophet Bernard Jordan and works with Benny Hinn’s Ministries  is reportedly in a relationship with  Angela Simmons 23 years old (daughter of Rev. Run). The Jordans have a money market business of consulting with familiar spirit to unleash prophesies. Any event, allegedly Manasseh prophesied to Angela and told her of the past boyfriend’s engaging in infidelity, so he could come in. We have learned that Prophet Manasseh and Angela Simmons spent about a week in South Africa together. Accordingly, in the trip Manasseh revealed his past regarding his sexual abuse by his sisters Naomi and Bethany. He also revealed abuse that he endured from his father  who yelled at him when he misspelled words and did not live up to his standards. Reportedly he used cannabis to deal with his mental depression.  Manasseh and Angela are definitely family acquaintances . Manasseh’s father Bernard Jordan is a so-called “master”prophet and mentor of Angela’s father Joseph Simmons (Rev. Run). According to sources,  Joseph Simmons credits  his mentor, Prophet Bernard Jordan as the direct reason why he landed the TV show Run’s House and other worldly success ventures. Also according to sources, Angela’s step mother Justine Simmons works along with Bernard Jordan’s “Zoe Ministries”. It’s all in the family. Media takeout has photos of the affectionate couple displayed below.  According to Angela’s current Facebook status she is married? Who’s the new spouse?