Members of a small predominantly black Mt. Olive Baptist Church file lawsuit to have pastor Theodore Baines Sr. removed for abuses including alcohol, threatening parishioners with firearms, making lewd comments to women and for being arrested.

The members of predominantly black Mount Olive Baptist Church in east Houston have filed a lawsuit seeking to remove their pastor, Rev. Theodore Baines Sr., for allegedly abusing alcohol, threatening parishioners with fists and firearms, making lewd comments to women, embarrassing the congregation for waving a pistol while speeding down a freeway and for making unauthorized electronic withdrawals from a church account, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Baines was selected to lead the largely African-American congregation in October 2009. However, the lawsuit contends, the minister never was formally installed. Plaintiffs say Baines, described in the lawsuit as being more than 6-feet, 4-inches tall and weighing more then 300 pounds, intimidated them into skipping the final step.

In March, the lawsuit says, church members fired Baines via certified mail, but he refused to accept the letter. The lawsuit describes the church as being almost 90 years old, with a congregation of about 90 members.

Baines allegedly “uncontrollably consumed” alcohol, cursed a church officer and forced a parishioner off church property at gunpoint, according to the suit. Rosenberg police confirmed Thursday that Baines was arrested March 11 on charges of aggravated assault and unlawfully carrying a firearm after he allegedly waved a pistol at other motorists as he drove on U.S. 59. Source: Houston Chronicle

Wow, another wolf in sheep’s clothing spewing venom from the pulpit. A June 6th hearing for a temporary restraining order is next in this hot mess