Kim Burrell’s upcoming release “The Love Album” features the remake of El Debarge’s “Love Me in A Special Way, ” and Earth Wind & Fire’s “Love”.  There is a rise of singers who profess themselves to be Christian, but seek after the world. No man can serve two masters.Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Earth Wind & Fire is a secular group that operates in pagan, occult worship practices. According to Kim Burrell’s recent actions, it is apparent that Kim submitted herself to the enemy instead of resisting him.   Is money, and more fame on earth worth your soul?  Founder and leader of the band Earth Wind & Fire, Maurice White spoke on several occasions regarding the metaphysical messages incorporated into the Earth Wind Fire’s lyrics. One interview also states that he used transcendental meditation to connect with his higher source.  White says that he worships a god of his creation with no religious overtones.  Earth Wind & Fire uses occult symbols on their album covers.  On the back of Earth, Wind and Fire’s Greatest Hits Vol. I have this enlightening statement: “Looking back to the pyramids and forward to the eternal cosmos, Earth, Wind and Fire conjured up some of the most enduring songs of our time.” Incredible. The word “conjure” means, “to call upon or command a devil or spirit by invocation or spell.” And this is from their album – their words. They had an album called Avatar which symbolizes new-age-superman-god/Antichrist. Earth Wind & Fire’s song entitled “Reasons” was a song that many professing Christians sang at their weddings, although it is a song that curses any marriage union. Many of today’s Christians are singing the same songs of the world, and just compromising in any regard.  The Bible says that straight is the gate, and narrow is the way that leadeth to heaven, broad is the way that leads to destruction. The bible states in the later days many will many depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits. There is a lot of New Age Doctrines amongst many of today’s Christians. Kim Burrell is a secular singer and a pastor.  What is happening?  Is Kim Burrell playing both sides? Yes.  According to the documentation, Judith McAllister president of the music for COGIC,  and Presiding Bishop Charles Blake amended and declared approval of Kim Burrell to sing secular while yet remaining a gospel singer. What will she sing at their conventions and churches Earth Wind & Fire’s major hits? Will they join her stage to sing at the conventions,  living contrary lifestyles, worshipping anything? Yes.  The members of the EWF were high on drugs when they recorded their major hit songs. Even at their concerts in the 60’s and 70’s, everybody light joints and hold up different hand signs.  Take a look and examine the symbols from EWF’s albums (see photos at the top of the article). The devil has agenda. The enemy is still trying to work in the music. Everything that sounds good to you may not be good for you. Where would it take your mind when you are in a church attempting worship the Lord, and you here you an old tune from Earth Wind and Fire? Would it usher you into the presence of the Holy Spirit? The answer is “No”.  Songs have spirits attached to them.  Earth Wind Fire’s songs have demonic attachments. Guard your spirit from the tactics in many of the so-called gospel songs today. These artists may include a little gospel just to connive an audience, but it is just like rat poison. The other percentage can be very harmful.  Kim Burrell’s Manager and  Executive Producer of “The Love Album” is Krishnar Lewis. His name derives from “Krishna” a central religious figure in Hinduism. Is that ironic?  Krishna is an Avatar, musician, Supreme being, worshipful deity.Krishnaism is a religion that arose in the Middle Ages. . Read compare Krishnar with Krishna religion You will find many similarities including  Krishna is a guider, and Krishnar Lewis is currently guiding Kim Burrell. According video “Valentines Day Ad Campaign” Kim Burrell states “It takes a person like Krishnar Lewis to come into your and give it meaning”. She makes no mention of Jesus Christ giving her life meaning.  That is because Krishnar is guiding her life and decisions. That is also correlated to the fact Krishna symbolizes prince of guidance and direction. Is it ironic that Krishnar Lewis is guiding Kim Burrell? No.   Krishnar Lewis One thing is that the Wikipedia’s Krishnar Lewis information had been deleted previously. I wonder why?  Did some of the information go into even greater detail such as was his name really Krishnar, or name discovered after the embracing Krishnaism?  Let us move on.   Kim Burrell’s backstage website for “The Love Album”  mentions her as the Women, the Activist, Humanitarian (acts of kindness, and it is a religion). Kim Burrell’s credits say nothing about Jesus Christ. Humanitarian is doing benevolent, and kind acts, but furthermore it is associated as under religion.  Many people say god,  but in many senses what god are they speaking of when their music and lifestyle embraces all religions. It is New Age.  The catholic pope held a serve with a large group of individuals from all religions gathered together, and he said they were praying to the same God.  That is where many Christians artists are in their mindset today. False doctrines, inclusion, apostasy, and straying away from the faith appears to be increasing.   The Bible speaks that many shall be deceived in the last days. Many people will abandon the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, to doctrines of devils. Yes, that is because of the money, fame and having itching ears. There is an increase in people being influenced by the demonic influences. The typical model for today’s church embraces the notion anything goes because of the lack of standards. There is such a large acceptance for embracing “it’s your thing, anything goes”, and every lifestyle within in the churches. There is minimal anguish and pain felt for the heart of God. There are not many hearts grieving for what is going on.  The sad thing is that these gospel celebrities are Hollywood celebrities. Their fame is seen as the model for the church. That is sad because the world flips on the tv, walks down the street and see professing Christians cursing. They also see them addicted porn, smoking, drinking, dressed as drag queens, singing at mardi gras, on soul train, krumping, doing Michael Jackson gyrating (in & out of church), singing songs secular songs, and the list goes on.  The devil is sitting back laughing at how he is making the church look so foolish. There is such a flipping of the script and how sinners see the church.  So many people quote “do not judge me” out of context. Judge not lest you be judge scripture speaks of taking the beam out of your own eye. It means if you are doing any and everything and not submitted to God, and call yourself a Christian and trying to tell someone else. That means bring yourself in alignment with the word, before trying to help someone else.  Sin has to be addressed. So many people are led astray, and fans are left following famed individuals if nobody addresses the open and apparent sin.  God hates the sin but loves the sinner. When the truth is, spoken souls are saved from destruction. Furthermore, that the Bible says Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.  That is what we aim to do here at Readychurch. So much has been going on in the church and the world. Be not deceived into embracing artists music that collide musical sacrifices from Baals altar with God. Be not deceived by all the happy meal messages of prosperity and rich.  The enemy comes with subtle deceit. The church has gone to sleep. Readychurch wants to alarm you, warn you, alert you.  Readychurch wants to let you know that Jesus is soon to return, and we are here to tell individuals to get it right with the word because we do not want you to be left behind. The bible says it is not his will that any should perish. God says he would rather you choose life, but he given you a choice.  It is so common today that most professing Christians will defend their musical idols, rather than the word of God.  They will put Kim Burrell and others on the pedestal before God. That is very dangerous because many reach a point in which nobody can tell them anything. People are following her and so many others. Take a look a the image of Kim Burrell, and notice how her head is held up because she has been put on a pedestal for worship. Repent, return back to the True and Living God.

Then saith Jesus unto him,
Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written,
Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

Matthew 4:10 KJV