Written By A ToastWealth Staff

The two mysterious murders of Pastor Fred Winters of Illinois and Carol Daniels of Oklahoma barely brought fear and suspicion within the modern day church last year of 2009. Of course, these are not the only two murders that have occurred over the years, some we know the reason, some we do not know the cause: Rev. Paul Jones (Houston, 1990), Pastor Gregory Spencer (Fort Worth, 2003) Pastors Brian Keith and Kim Yvette Dobbs, (gospel artist) were both murdered by a young male church member in their suburban Townhouse (Stafford near Houston, 20o4)Matthew Winkler (2007), Pastor Ronald Paige (Memphis, 2008), , Pastor David Strong (Chattanooga, 2010), Matt Baker Convicted of Wife’s Murder (2006), Houston Pastor Tracy Benard Burleson murdered his with along with his son and girlfriend(2010), Pastor Terry Crowe (2010), Pennslyvannia Pastor Arthur Schirmer murders 1st and 2nd wives (2010), Paul Boswell (Montgomery, 2010) and the list goes on… that’s just a snippet of pastors who have been murdered or even pastors who have murdered their wives. The church of today still don’t get it as they continue to want the worldly atmosphere to remain within the doors of their churches while making millions of dollars.

Meanwhile the mysterious murders of Pastor Carol Daniels and Fred Winters go unsolved while dignified wealthy pastors and their wives proceed to flaunt their lavish lifestyle.   The culture of today’s church is similar to the nightclub atmosphere as sexual affairs carry on throughout their sanctuaries and the hip-hop gospel and christian rock artists negatively influence youth parishioners with their dress-codes similar to prostitutes and thugs.  Many elders are sinfully aroused by the dance moves in the pulpit as wives remain quiet and share the wealth with their husbands and even their mistresses.  Many of the mistresses are supported by the wealth of the prosperous fathers of their children; therefore, child support is never an issue, especially since they request their mistresses silence regarding their several affairs.  Some years ago, we received an anonymous email from a tipster who said a Los Angeles bishop has several children in his congregation and his wife knows about them.

Our question is this, why are these modern day ministers more concerned about salvation than being famous and living a celebrity lifestyle? Their silent response and reaction lets us know that they are demonized by status, recognition and fast money.  The gospel of inclusion has blended with the gospel of letting all high standards of being holy inward and appearing holy outward have been preached in pulpits across the nation through the voices of popular ministers like Bishop Carlton Pearson, Paula White, Bishop Eddie Long, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Pastor Jamal Bryant…and it seems like their is no turning back to strict rules and regulations according to God’s Word in the church world.   They seem to ignore the murder mysteries of these two individuals while their followers still worship them instead of worshiping God.   The profit of the modern day church through holy hip-hop, christian rock and prosperity sermons are earn them similar compensations of rich drug dealers. and it is frightening to admit, but the way they are being murdered are also similar to drug lords.   For instance, Gregory Spencer was found dead in an Arlington hotel tied to a chair with toilet paper stuck inside of his nose (Independent); Paul Boswell was found dead underneath his silver Cadillac (Baptist); Pastor Ronald Paige’s decomposed body was found days later in his Memphis lavish apartment (COGIC); Pastor David Strong was found stabbed to death in his Chattanooga home (AME) and their have been several other gruesome discoveries.

Especially, when we have examined the black Pentecostal (Apostolic, COGIC and Assembly of God) and Baptist Church, both denominations used to be very organized with strict policies until the early nineties when all pastors and bishops began to invite fellowship among all denominations into their churches and by uniting with all denominations, they began to preach against predecessor’s traditions and ignore holy teachings while allowing their church members to present themselves in an unholy fashion.  Black preachers like Bishop I. V. Hilliard of True Light Christian Church in Houston began to cease their cultural styles of preaching and became proper like their mentors who were making millions of dollars in the ministry, Dr. Fredrick K. C. Price was the beginning of this particular movement and Bishop Hilliard brags how he became prosperous after joining under his ministry, after making a choice to leave the Baptist church.  Therefore, this movement of modern day and new age church movement cursed the lives of people who became adapted to a worldly way of Christianity instead of a Godly way.   This is one of the main reasons why the black community has gotten much worse than it already was, after the civil rights movement, there is no real example and set of standards in the black church.   Righteousness or any look of righteousness became extremely offensive to black church leaders and even their followers.  They have gotten so far away from being righteous, they show no sign of fasting and praying against various murders that have destroyed the lives of fellow ministers since the murder of a very talented young and handsome Houston preacher back in 1990, instead they have showed no concern and carry on their churches in the name of corporations (Bishop Jakes recently boasted that Jesus is a product).  They have released morals and values and are ashamed of being more serious about an anointed atmosphere as they grew to become proper while preaching God’s Word with in a dry and sophisticated fashion.  The unsolved murders of Pastor Fred Winters of First Baptist Church and Pastor Carol Daniels of Christ Holy Sanctified Church should have caused the modern day church to get serious about righteousness and ceasing the worldly ways within their million dollar corporate ministries, but it seems as though they are re-probated and have no fear of God and what he thinks about the way they have carried on and controlled their sanctuaries.

The body of Pastor Carol Daniels was discovered in her pulpit.  Investigators say the bloody crime scene was the worst in 17 years in the state of Oklahoma.  Her naked body was left in a crucifixion position as a cross with both arms outstretched at her side.  Pastor Daniels had deep stab wounds to her neck and throat.  Weeks later, a homeless man came forward saying he saw a man covered in blood wearing  a ski mask leave the church, but the only reason he did not come forward is because he was drunk when he saw the killer and was afraid police may smell beer on his breath, watch here.

In the case of Pastor Fred Winters, he was suddenly confronted by a man who walked down the aisle while preaching to his congregation and tried to avoid bullets by shielding himself with his Bible, but it was too late, his Bible turned into Confetti as a bullet shot him directly in the chest. The gunman had a few words while facing Pastor Winters, then pulled out a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol and began firing until it jammed. His members watched him ran down the aisle of the church with wounds to his neck, then fell to his death.  One of the member thought they were watching some sort of skit, not expecting what was going to occur, they could not believe it was witnessing the murder of their pastor.  Members said they did not recognize the gunman.  Three members were stabbed while the gunman was waving a knife while somehow others held the suspect down until police arrived at the gruesome scene.  Pastor Fred Winters left behind his wife and two children.

Will the head of churches who once preached righteous ever get back to doing things decently and in order (1 Cor. 14:40)?  We are afraid that these  solved and unsolved murders maybe a way God has been so desperately trying to get the leaders of churches attention to do each and everything in their ministries according to His Word, but sadly, they may never hear it as tragedies of clergy men and women may never cease.