Kim Burrell imitating Whitney Houston

Kim Burrell and Krishnar Lewis launch Valentines campaign for the so-called official “Love Day”.  They also speak of being branded which is coherent with false god idol worship by showing allegiance. Kim Burrell is a gospel singer and pastor who went secular which is no surprise.  In the videos below you will see her conveying a very fleshly message. Rember secularized music and participation of so-called Christian artist would only lead secular people to glorify themselves by continuing to sin, but the Spirit of God will draw them to Christ.  The enemy comes through subtle deceit. These jazz tunes and losing weight was not a mere random act, but it was the opportunity for the enemy introduce and present his agenda. There is a long list of secular singers influenced by Kim Burrell. Is there a wonder why? Yes, there is. Contrarily, the Bible tells the believers, they will be hated for the Father’s sake.  That is because you stand for the truth, speak the truth, knowing that the truth is what makes them free. Did any the secularized gospel singers ever stop to think that if any man’s desire and love, lust after the things of the world is the love of the father in him? Some people have intentions of going secular to win people to Christ. He represents holiness. Does Jesus require the sinner to influence the saints? Does he require saints to deceive themselves to into thinking singing with the world and songs of the world is to reach them to Christ?   No, that is Kim’s doings. That would be unclear and deceiving trying to sneaky implanting something to get the world over to God’s side. That is rather considered conniving like the serpent back in Genesis.  God would not operate that way. God requires us to stand firm and to speak the word.  He says come out from the among and be ye separate.  God can do exceedingly, abundantly above we can ask or think. He is God alone and does not need our helping in being God. He does not need our help in who he is.  Follow the word of God.  Can two walk together, except they be agreed? It is imperative for you to be in agreement walking together. If you lukewarm he will spue you out.  A double minded is unstable in all his ways. They are not stable.  There are secular people misconstruing and perverting the gospel. The message of the true gospel is not an emotional hype, but draws people to the true and living God and repentance.  These errors of going and becoming a part of the world system are contrary to the Word of God. If you start doing what you would not do, you will have no faith in what you were saying all the long. The enemy whisper things such as “if you sell your soul, I will give all of the things”. We are not to listen, but we are to resist him, and he will flee.